while you
were sleeping

We changed our name from Message Party to Based and burned the First Verse NFT collection into the MKRS NFT collection.

We launched STAKING for MKRS. Staking unlocks future levels, brand access and is required to participate in the MKRS Pool.

We launched the EXCHANGE as an off-market way for our community to swap a First Verse or a Floppy directly for a MKRS.

We secretly built TWINS into the MKRS collection and people are on the constant hunt to complete a set of twins/trips/quads/quints.

We launched the MKRS POOL. A legal way for MKRS holders to earn SOL by supporting Based. Check this THREAD for a community member analyisis.

We announced that holding a completed set of twins/trips/quads/quints acts as a multiplier in the MKRS POOL.

We packed our bags and migrated our main MKRS sub-daos and whale chats from Discord into the BASED app.

We pushed the LEVEL 2 update to all MKRS. Now every MKRS has a HEADWEAR trait (and the LADY MKRS each have a card which will be used for 🆁🅴🅳🅰🅲🆃🅴🅳.

We are currently in